Norton Moses High School Seniors Scholarship

Criteria & Requirements

Norton Moses Masonic Lodge awards scholarships annually to graduating high school students selected from applicants within the Leander Independent School District who meet the following eligibility requirements.

Criteria and Requirements

Must meet the following eligibility requirements:


Attach three written recommendations. Recommendations cannot be from a family member, and one must be from a teacher.


Attach an original copy of your high school transcript (including Fall semester grades of Senior year). Home-schooled graduating seniors must provide an original, notarized copy of their transcript.


The Texas Educational System was created by Texas Masons to train, and educate young boys and girls around the state of Texas. Attach an essay explaining the contributions of Freemasonry in Texas History, and what impact or influence Freemasonry had on your life, the community and Texas. (Essays must be 500-1,000 words; typed, double-spaced)

Application Submission

Completed Application, Recommendations, Transcripts, and Essay must be completed at

All information must be included in the submission package and date stamped by our system by April 30, 2024.

Scholarship Submission Checklist

Please make sure the following have been included in your submission package:

Click below to submit your application.  The form will open in a new tab.