Norton Moses Past Grand Master

Norton Moses was a devoted father, rancher, law enforcer, and Texas legislator. He exemplified his Masonic principles and tenets in every aspect of his life. As a member of numerous lodges and chapters throughout his distinguished career, numerous brothers and companions were awarded degrees by the renowned Brother Moses.  He became Grand Master of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Texas in 1878.  His unselfish virtue, flawless character, and love of God, humanity, and craft will inspire Norton Moses Masonic Lodge #336, Leander, Texas until the time is no longer.

The Norton Moses Masonic Lodge, which was established in the Williamson County community of Bagdad, was officially chartered in 1871. In 1870, a lodge was constructed, which also served as a community meeting center and public school. It was named after Norton Moses, a teacher who participated in the groups formation.

In 1899, the Masons moved to Leander, a new railroad town, and rented space until 1907. The original school building remained in Bagdad until 1901, when it was torn down stone by stone and re-erected in Leander. It was then donated to the town as a school. The original Bagdad Masonic land was given to the Bagdad Cemetary. The lodge was instrumental in the development of Williamson County through its leadership.

In 1938, the school building burned down, and once again, the Masons granted permission for the lower floor to be used for classes until the new school was available. For a long time, the lower level of the lodge was used as a voting location. In 1983, a gas explosion destroyed the lodge in downtown Leader, and the lodge was temporarily relocated to its present location at 201 Sonny Drive in Leander.

On July 18, 1983, the Norton Moses Lodge and members of the Grand Lodge of Texas held a ceremony to level the new Leander High School.